Is Your Modern Tech Overloading Your Home's Outdated Electrical System?

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!


Is Your Modern Tech Overloading Your Home's Outdated Electrical System?

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!

Discover How You Can Bring Your Home up to Speed with an Electrical Panel Upgrade That Delivers More Safety, More Reliability, and More Power!

If you're tired of hassling with...

  • Flickering lights...
  • Tripped breakers and blown fuses...
  • Melted electrical wires and frequent overheating...
  • Strange sounds coming from your electrical panel...
  • Appliances that don't run at full power...

...Then now is the time to consider a brand new, upgraded electrical panel for your home!

The highly skilled and state certified technicians at Accurate Electrical Service have the knowledge and expertise to replace your existing electrical panel with a brand new one... and there's never been an easier or more affordable time to upgrade!

But before you learn more about our services, you might be wondering...


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What is an Electrical Panel... and Why Should I Upgrade Mine?

The main electrical panel at your house is a large box that's typically located outside with your electric meter on the face. There's a mast leading to the box from overhead (or from the ground) that connects your home to your neighborhood's power grid.

This box is essentially the hub of electricity for your whole home, which is why it is critical to make sure your electrical panel is up to date and up to code.

If your panel is still operating on 75 or 100 amps, then you should consider upgrading it. Modern standards require homes to have at least a 200 amp electrical panel (maybe even more for larger homes).

An older panel could put you at risk for fire and shock hazards – not to mention the annoyance of having to constantly reset your breakers or not having enough energy to keep appliances fully powered.

Don't let these completely avoidable problems ruin your day. Turn to us for electrical panel upgrades you can depend on!

Accurate Electrical Services serves all of San Gabriel Valley
including Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Arcadia, Monrovia,
Pasadena, San Marino and surrounding areas.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!



Get the Top-Quality Electrical Panel Services You Need... without Breaking the Bank!

Whether you need a complete main panel upgrade or panel repairs, you can rely on us to handle your job with skill and treat your property with respect.

Unlike other electricians who act more like salesmen than skilled craftsmen, we don't try to upsell you on a service you don't truly need. Instead, we promise to offer multiple work options that fit your needs and price range.

A complete panel upgrade might not be necessary in your situation. That's why we also offer:

Circuit breaker repairs and refurbishing – If a full upgrade is not needed, you can also get electrical panel repairs or rebuilds to save you time and money. There is less downtime with these services, and we can perform top-notch repairs and maintenance for breakers of all brands and vintages!

Electrical panel change outs – If you have a problem with your existing panel that is already up to date, we'll change it out for you. Swapping out your existing panel can take care of issues like a breaker overheating and burning the buss bar, loose conductors between the meter and panel that burn out the main lugs, and much more.

Regardless of your electrical panel needs, you can trust our family-owned company to offer the right solutions and deliver the highest quality of service at a fair price to keep your home's electrical system running safely and smoothly!

With Our Electrical Panel Upgrades, You'll Enjoy...

Sufficient power for all your modern devices: Now you can get rid of your 50, 70, or 100 amp electric service panel and replace it with a more powerful 200 amp service panel that easily meets your family's power needs.

Improved home safety so you can rest easy: You'll be able to keep your family safe and reduce the risk of fire and shock with our new panels that meet the latest safety and electrical standards. Plus, our excellent work is guaranteed to be in compliance with the National Electrical Code.

High-quality box featuring all copper: You'll not only upgrade the features and safety of your electrical panel, but you'll also be able to get a higher quality panel that extends the lifetime of your system.

Lifetime warranty for your peace of mind: All of our electrical panel upgrades come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty so you won't have to worry about wasting money on a poorly made panel that doesn't deliver the results you want.

(If you have an older home that cannot handle the increased power demand, we can also perform a service change in which we upgrade your main panel as well as your meter socket and wire size between the meter and panel.)

Bring Your Home's Electrical System up to Date RISK-FREE by Calling Our Certified Experts Today!

You're Protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be able to schedule your electrical panel upgrade with complete confidence. That's why we back up all of our electrical panel upgrades with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you're not absolutely delighted by the increased capacity, improved safety, and high-quality workmanship you receive with your main panel upgrade, we won't collect payment until we make it right.

Go ahead. Call us today to get your new and improved electrical panel absolutely risk free!

Jeff Seale
Accurate Electrical Services