Make Your Home Even More Beautiful with Top-Notch Lighting Upgrades and Installations

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!


Make Your Home Even More Beautiful with Top-Notch Lighting Upgrades and Installations

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!

Upgrade Your Indoor or Outdoor Lighting and Create a Safer, More Beautiful, and More Cost Efficient Home Environment

  • Having issues with flickering lights or switches not working properly?
  • Want to add outdoor lighting for increased security?
  • Looking to accent your landscaping with beautiful lights?
  • Interested in adding recessed or track lighting to enhance the style and atmosphere of your space?
  • Wish there were an easier way to reduce your energy consumption and save on your electric bills?

Whether you need to bring your lighting up to code, add aesthetic appeal, or install energy-efficient lighting systems at your new construction site, the highly qualified technicians at Accurate Electrical Services have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure your job is done right the first time.

You can be confident that our state certified and licensed electricians can handle any lighting project - big or small, inside or out!


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Don’t Put Yourself at Risk.
Let Our Professionals Handle Your Indoor Lighting Upgrade...

It might be tempting to update your lighting system on your own, but it’s always best to hire a professional for your own safety. Just like faulty electrical systems, outdated or unsafe lighting can put you in serious danger if you don’t have proper training.

Our Pasadena lighting contractors have been serving Los Angeles County homes for nearly 3 decades, and we’ll be sure to safely and efficiently execute your project in accordance with the latest safety codes and requirements.

Here’s a small sampling of the indoor lighting upgrades and services we offer:

  • Accent and Recessed Lighting: We can provide your kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces with just the right atmosphere through accent lightning tucked away in walls, under cabinets, and on tracks.
  • New Fixtures and Lighting Installation: If you’re building a new home or just updating the look of your existing home, we’ll be happy to assist you by installing new fixtures. Changing out your light fixtures is a great, cost-effective way to update a room and save money with energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs. We also offer decorative lighting services to suit your needs...
  • Programmable Lighting: Keep your home safe and reduce energy waste with lighting that’s integrated into a programmable timer. Program your lights to randomly turn on and off while you’re out of town to scare off burglars, and save on your monthly energy costs by making sure unnecessary lights don’t stay on all day.
  • Wireless Switches and Lighting: Bring the latest wireless technology to your home or business’s lighting system. We can install wireless lighting systems and switches that let you control the lighting in any room with the touch of a button on your smartphone!
  • Switch and Outlet Repairs or Upgrades: If you’re experiencing flickering lights or have broken switches that don’t work at all, contact our professionals. We’ll quickly troubleshoot any issues you’re having and can often resolve issues on the spot with our fully stocked trucks.

PLUS: We have the expertise to tell you if your home has sufficient wiring or if an upgrade is required to meet your lighting and power needs.

Accurate Electrical Services serves all of San Gabriel Valley
including Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Arcadia, Monrovia,
Pasadena, San Marino and surrounding areas.

Maximize Your Property’s Security and Beauty with
Improved Outdoor Lighting...

In addition to indoor lighting, our professional lighting contractors also offer full-service outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses.

Take a peek at the outdoor lighting services we offer:

  • Security Lighting: Let our professionals install a full spectrum of security lighting at your residential property to create a safer environment and prevent break-ins. We install motion sensor lighting as well as programmable lighting to meet your needs and give you peace of mind.
  • Landscape Lighting: Improve your curb appeal and increase the safety of your home or business with lights in trees, along walkways, and more.
  • Custom Lighting Solutions: We can create the perfect lighting for any and all of your needs. You can count on our qualified technicians to visit your property and design a unique lighting plan tailor-made to fit your requests. From lights installed on existing utility poles to specially placed poles, we can ensure you get the perfect level of light for any situation.

PRO TIPS: Follow these guidelines to make the most out of your outdoor lighting system:

  • Make sure lighting installed on walkways and driveways is directed downward to avoid blinding passing motorists and wasting energy.
  • Use timers, photo cells, and motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off.
  • Implement energy efficient bulbs for a longer lifespan and reduced costs.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!



PLUS: Here’s How You Can Stretch Your Dollar Further with Efficient LED Lighting...

As an innovative company committed to adapting to the latest technologies to serve you better, we think one technology worth mentioning is LED lighting.

LED (light emitting diode) lighting makes a smart investment for any indoor or outdoor space.

Here's Why:

  • They save energy and money: Energy-efficient LED bulbs use less electricity, so you don’t have to spend as much to keep the lights on. For example, a 10 watt LED bulb can produce as much light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb! With the average American home having approximately 47 light bulbs, the energy and cost savings you can get from LED bulbs is substantial.
  • They are extremely durable: LEDs require little maintenance and are more rugged than older incandescent bulbs. They’re more resistant to shock and vibration and better suited for extreme hot and cold temperatures. Just screw them in and enjoy years upon years of warm, bright light!
  • They last much longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs: LED bulbs can last an impressive 50,000 hours compared to other bulbs’ 1000-5000 hours… so it’s easy to see how you can get a great return on your investment!
  • They are eco-friendly: Since LED bulbs actually produce more light while requiring less energy, they help you reduce energy waste and keep the planet greener. Plus, they are free from toxic materials and are 100% recyclable!

With ultra-low operating cost and substantial energy savings of LED lighting, now you can create the safe and stunning indoor or outdoor environment you want while enjoying a nice return on your investment.

Here's the best part...

You can enjoy top-notch indoor and outdoor lighting services, LED upgrades, repairs, and more… absolutely RISK FREE!

Love Your Lighting System… Or You Don’t Pay!

We’re so confident that you’ll LOVE our professional lighting services that we’re backing up all our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you’re not completely delighted with our service, we won’t collect payment until you’re happy. That’s just one more way we make it easy to trust our family-owned company that always puts you first.

Take the first step and get started today!

We look forward to delivering you the excellent indoor and outdoor lighting solutions you want and need!

Jeff Seale
Accurate Electrical Services