Get the Charging Station for Your New Electric or Hybrid Vehicle Professionally Installed at Your Home!

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!


Get the Charging Station for Your New Electric or Hybrid Vehicle Professionally Installed at Your Home!

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!

Turn to the Most Trusted Installer of Electric Vehicle Chargers for the Affordable, Reliable Installation Your Car Needs

You’re smarter than the average homeowner...

Here’s how we know:

You’ve recently decided to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle… and it’s easy to see why that was a very, very smart investment.

Electric and hybrid vehicles allow you to enjoy:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Inexpensive operation
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • And much more!

But now that you've made this smart investment that's going to benefit your wallet and the environment, it's time to make the next smart decision...


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Let the Certified Experts at Accurate Electrical Services Install Your Electric Vehicle Charging station for You!

As the proud new owner of a highly efficient electric or hybrid vehicle, you should already have a charger that is used to power your vehicle… but your next step is to have this charger installed near wherever you park your car. This way, you can quickly and easily recharge the batteries your vehicle depends on.

If you want to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road, it’s never a good idea to leave home without first charging up, especially since commercial charging stations can be hard to find.

In order to make sure your electric or hybrid vehicle gets a full charge at home, we suggest having a professional properly install your EV charging station for you...

Whether you’re heading into work or just going out for a Sunday spin, you can always be sure to pull out of the driveway fully charged when you count on us for your EV charging station installation.

Here's How It Works:

Step 1: Call our trained and certified electricians to set up a convenient appointment that fits your schedule.

Step 2: Give us the charger that came with your car, and show our technicians where you park so we can determine the absolute best placement for your charger (usually in your garage).

Step 3: Sit back and relax while our certified professionals run a new circuit to your charging station from your home’s main electrical panel that makes it easy to charge your new electric vehicle at home.

Step 4: Plug in your car while you sleep, watch a movie, or eat dinner… and get back on the road without worrying about getting stranded with no power!


Accurate Electrical Services serves all of San Gabriel Valley
including Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Arcadia, Monrovia,
Pasadena, San Marino and surrounding areas.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Get the Service that has Earned
334 Positive Reviews and Counting!



Why Choose Accurate Electrical Services for Your EV Charging Station Installation?

Innovation: Unlike other electrical service providers, our experienced team not only has a complete knowledge of existing and older home electrical systems, but we also pride ourselves in staying up to date on cutting edge technologies like electric-powered vehicles and solar energy systems in order to help you save more money and protect the environment.

Upfront, Affordable Pricing: No more surprise fees. We utilize a standardized upfront pricing system, which means you’ll always get a complete and accurate quote for your job right on the spot. Plus, we offer competitive pricing on all our services as well as ongoing special discounts so you can get the reliable and efficient electrical work you need without breaking your budget.

Plus... If You Want to "Fill Up" Your Car's Battery Faster, We Can Install Your Level 2 Charger, Too!

In the future, if you decide to replace the Level 1 charger you received when you bought your vehicle with a Level 2 charger, we can install it for you so that you can refuel over 3x faster! While Level 1 charging stations take an average of 7-29 hours to fully charge your depleted vehicle, Level 2 charging stations utilize a more powerful 208-240 VAC outlet that fully recharges your vehicle in just 2-10 hours (depending on the vehicle type).

Experience: Our family-owned company has proudly served Los Angeles County with a wide range of dependable electrical services for nearly 3 decades.

Quality: You can be sure your installation meets the highest standards of excellence when you rely on our state certified electricians who perform top quality work in compliance with the National Electrical Code.


For a Limited Time Only...

You Can Get Your Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installed for as Little as $499!

Right now, we can provide you with a top-quality installation for your EV charging station starting at just $499.

The exact cost of installation varies depending on how far away your charging station is from the main electrical panel supplying the power, but you’ll find our rates extremely competitive and our level of service unmatched.

Not to mention...

You're Protected by Our

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go ahead and call us today to schedule your professional EV charging station installation. If you’re not absolutely delighted with the friendly service and top-quality installation you receive, we won’t charge you a dime until we make things right - GUARANTEED!

Call us today to set up your installation RISK-FREE. It’s as simple as that!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Call Us Today for a Fast, Affordable, and Reliable Installation for Your New EV Charging Station...

Right now you can get your EV charging station installed at your home starting at just $499... But here’s the catch: This incredible deal won’t be around forever. Call us today to set up your installation with our trained and certified electricians!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jeff Seale
Accurate Electrical Services